• NEXXUS Can-Bus Control System
  • Auto Tie Alignment
  • Automated Plate Handling System
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  • 40,000+ pounds of single couple tractive effort without weight-transfer.
  • Patented Drive and Rail Wheel Guidance Assembly
  • Push Button Electronic Shifting
  • Full Width Cab
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  • NEXXUS Can-Bus Control System
  • Bulkbin with Improved Cluster Buster
  • Larger Hammers
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NRS 260 Truck and Service

  • XL9-11, Sweeper, and Tracer wheels
  • Advanced Software Capabilities
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  • Portable, Digital ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Exclusive XL9-11 wheel probe technology
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  • Models range from 310 tons of towing capacity up to 4,000 tons
  • Easy to operate, low maintenance and efficient railcar movers powered by Colmar
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Serving the Railway Industry and Beyond

Nordco, Inc. provides an extensive selection of products and services that make it possible for rail-related industries to improve their transportation and its product velocity safely. We also serve industries that rely heavily on rail transportation, including port authorities, agriculture, mining, chemicals and energy.

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Rail & Tie replacement machines/equipment and ballast managing equipment

  • Remanufactured Equipment
  • Customized Parts Kits
  • Aftermarket Engineering

MOW Equipment

Inspection Equipment

  • Ultrasonic Inspection Services
  • Portable Inspection Systems
  • Inspection Trucks and Equipment
  • Wheel and Axle Inspection Systems
  • CylSonic Ultrasound Examinations (UE) & Gas Cylinder Inspection

Inspection Technologies

Mobile Railcar Movers

  • Shuttlewagon
  • Commander, Navigator, Electric Navigator and Colmar Electric

Mobile Material Handling

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Technology on Nordco equipment is incorporated to ease operator use, troubleshoot, easy and quick machine setup and adjustments from the cab touchscreen including machine manuals, work statistics and onboard diagnostics,
Fault Code Troubleshooting & reporting with telematics capability.

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