Roadway Work Equipment Rebuilds


We want you to use your equipment for a very long time.




Which is why we offer machine rebuilds, upgrades, and retrofits, to keep your machines current with the latest technology, as well as extend the useful life of your capital asset.





We rebuild from the frame up. Which means your rebuilt machine is like new.

When your machine is delivered to Nordco Equipment Services for rebuild services, a series of carefully organized steps takes place.

First, we carefully evaluate the machine and all its components. We determine which components must be replaced and which can be overhauled or updated.


Next, we begin to remove all the major assemblies, including the cab, workheads, hydraulics, engine, wheels, and tanks (fuel, hydraulic, etc.). All fluids are drained, systems are flushed, and hosing is removed.



We discard the parts that must be replaced and send the components slated for overhaul to the appropriate department or vendor to complete this process.


The frame is then thoroughly cleaned so that it can be carefully inspected. Areas of the frame are then marked for removal or repair. The frame is then sent off for welding and repainting.


When the freshly re-welded and re-painted frame returns, the machine begins to be rebuilt. The hydraulic system is put into place. The electrical system follows, incorporating any technology changes that have occurred since the machine was originally built. Tanks, wheels, and the engine are installed. The workheads are attached and the cab is put on.




Then, the machine is thoroughly tested and put through field hardening tests. When, and only when, we determine that your machine is in perfect working order, we ship it back to you.



Ballast Regulator Before Rebuild



Ballast Regulator After Rebuild