Mobile Material Handling

Your current mobile railcar mover still has many years of service left.

However, you may want to upgrade to the latest technology or have the engine rebuilt to further extend the machine's life.


When we rebuild your railcar mover, you receive the latest in technology updates.

Your rebuilt mobile railcar mover will include many core upgrades, including the following key technology improvements:

CanBus Electrical System

The CanBus electrical system is a digital network that integrates the vehicle's electrical components with less wiring and greater capability. Wiring reduction improves reliability of the electrical system and permits options, such as remote control and hand held emergency stop switches for ground personnel, to be easily added. Other features such as engine and transmission diagnostics can be displayed on a color monitor for reducing maintenance time and costs.

Multi-Function Color Display

The CanBus electrical system functions like a computer network, linking the Shuttlewagon's various components together in a way that can be displayed on its multi-function color screen. The amount of information available for display is considerably more than could be shown on conventional gauges, and reduces the amount of dedicated wiring.

A system of menus displays information based on order of importance, allowing the operator to quickly tell at a glance if the vehicle is operating correctly. If a fault or error occurs, it alerts the operator before any other outward signs of malfunction are detected. By following available sub menus, the source of the problem can be determined without time-consuming troubleshooting and corrected before it contributes to a bigger problem.

For maintenance personnel, the multi-function color display performs diagnostic functions. This readily available information helps reduce maintenance downtime. 


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