OnePass 3rd Generation

Key Features

  • High-Definition, 12 channel, battery powered, digital ultrasonic flaw detector
  • XL9-11 RSU with direct encoder & quick service mount
  • SmartFlow couplant delivery
  • On-board Hand Test kit with wireless Flaw Detector Software
  • Getac F-110 Tough Tablet, running Win 7
  • Common RailTruck software with A-Scan, B-Scan, Recognition Engine & full Audit Capability
  • Smart Tracking of GPS locations
  • Included Accessories and Transportation options
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Advanced, Portable Rail Flaw Detector

OnePass is a portable rail flaw detection system designed to inspect single tracks with only one pass over the rail.  This innovative, portable solution for manual rail inspection is ideal for ultrasonic testing in railway yards, crossovers, plug rail  and short run applications.

  • Nordco has bundled the latest detection and processing technologies in a compact rail test unit to bring leading UT capabilities to hand testing applications.  OnePass is designed with the same RSU and Digital Signal Processing Technology as is employed in full featured rail inspection vehicles.
  • Ergonomically designed, the OnePass interrogates rail integrity with eleven transducers and represents software recognized defects in a B-Scan view.  Defect verification is supported with an integrated hand test kit and on board flaw detection scope software.

XL9-11 Wheel Probe

The OnePass employs Nordco’s exclusive XL9-11 wheel probe technology designed specifically to perform ultrasound testing on rail, featuring eleven inspection transducers and a maintenance free direct encoder for local distance measurement:
  • One zero-degree crystal for both web coverage and base detection
  • One 37.5-degree forward-facing crystal and one 37.5-degree rear-facing crystal for full rail web coverage
  • Three 70-degree forward-facing crystals (field, center and gage) and three 70-degree rear-facing crystals (field, center and gage) for full head coverage
  • One side-looking field crystal and one side-looking gage crystal for longitudinal cross-rail coverage

Record your test results

Test results are fully recordable, meaning you can store, evaluate, and compare results at a later time. Easily maneuverable due to its small size and weight, the system is ideal for plug rail testing as well as for yard tracks, frogs, and switches.




Flaw Detection Technology

UT Signal Processor

High-Definition, 12 Channel Digital

Distance Resolution: 1/48” (0.5mm)


XL9-11 Wheel

9” Rolling Search Unit with light weight construction, featuring 11 independent transducers for full coverage of the rail head, web and loss of base. Field and gage side looking transducers for vertical split head detection.


Rail Capture

Self-retracting, adaptive roller mechanism



Getac F-110 Tough Tablet with GPS & WiFi

Touch Screen, GPS, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 4G LTE, WiFi



RailTruck V7.x Digitizer, A-Scan, B-Scan, audible test record

SmartTrack V1.x Asset Tracking & GPS breadcrumbs

GPS Defect Tagging


Operating System

Windows 7


System Battery

24V, 15Ah Li-Mn with up to 5 hours Capacity or

24V, 13Ah Ni-Mh with up to 4 hours Capacity (can be airshipped)


Couplant Capacity

5 quarts with SmartFlow Technology



OnePass: 60 lbs (27.2 kg) - empty tank

Tablet & Holder: 6.6 lbs (3 kg)


Operating Conditions

10°F to 100°F (-15°F to 38°C), light rain


All-in-one Transport Case

  • Large Pelican Transport Case with custom foam insert
  • Supporting Items: filter kit, tool kit, spare hardware kit, Ethernet cable, chargers, power cables, 1gl of wheel fluid, RSU filler pump and gauge
  • User’s Manual, Quality certificate

Small Transport Case

  • Small Pelican Transport Case with custom foam insert for essential standard accessories, ideal for deployment in service vehicles

Vehicle Stand

  • securely supports the ONEPASS in a service vehicle
  • quick lock mechanism
  • integrated bar for one-person wheel peeking

Sun & Rain Shield

  • protects the table from the elements

Outrigger Attachment

  • ideal for long test runs for alignment support
  • adjustable for narrow, standard & wide gage
  • left or right side attachment with quick mount and telescoping stand

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