Nordco Technology

Equipment & Services dedicated to drive Velocity


Technology helps railroads achieve safety, minimize their impact on the environment and maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced global economy. This does not only pertain to locomotives but also to the ways that Nordco plays a role in the rail market.

Nordco currently has different aspects that it plays in the rail sector-

  • -          Movement of railcars
  • -          Rail Inspection
  • -          Maintenance of Way

All of these sectors help to create velocity within the rail network and keeping trains moving efficiently.

-          Well maintained sections of rail that is spiked/anchored/clipped and tamped and regulated is the outcome of what 30+ machines that the Roadway Work Equipment group produces.

-          Documented rail by use of inspection trucks equipped with Nordco diagnostic equipment along with Nordco operators serve customers large and small from the Nordco Inspection Technologies group.

-          Railcar movement to and from large and small sites transport loaded and empty cars within the rail network to keep serving customers across the nation and internationally from our Mobile material handling business unit.

Each of these businesses also cross into other areas of technology with our products.

  • -          Nordco work equipment leverages NEXXUS (CanBus) systems on new and existing equipment to enhance the operator experience, create easier troubleshooting for mechanics, and send data and statistics to corporate for evaluation of machine performance and possible repairs.
  • -          Nordco inspection Technologies uses the same intuitive software in the trucks as it uses in the portable walk-behind OnePass unit that is easily shared between area roadmasters or across territories.
  • -          Nordco Shuttlewagon powers their energy efficient models with Lithium Ion batteries so they can be utilized in tunnels and higher restrictive emission locations.