Spring Clip Applicator


Key Features

  • Dual-operator, fully enclosed, climate-controlled cab with superior visibility
  • Two workheads, one over each rail; two guns per workhead, four guns total; fully adjustable for different rail heights
  • Soap sprayer nozzle to lubricate clips during application
  • John Deere Tier II diesel engine; Cummins engine option available
  • 24 VDC, circuit breaker-protected, electrical system
  • Cobra brake shoes
  • Four-wheel, dual-axle, chain-driven propulsion system
  • Cab-controlled workhead power lock-ups
  • Single, pressure-compensated, hydraulic pump
  • Integrated, positive locking, rail-to-rail turntable
  • Top-off pump
  • Joystick controls
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Adjust to different working conditions

  • Simply move clips on the guide rods to set the workhead descend level for different rail heights.
  • Set the workheads to handle different base widths for accurate clip insertion placement.
  • Quickly reverse direction on the track using the integrated turntable.

High production levels

The NSCA is ideal for both tie and rail high-production gangs. Use the dual-workhead mode to efficiently operate both the inside and outside workhead guns simultaneously. In addition, four workhead guns allow you to rapidly install all four clips at the same time.

Automatic clip lubrication

Integrated soap sprayer nozzles on each workhead automatically lubricate clips during application to ensure fast placement and attachment.

Operator comfort and ergonomics

The fully enclosed, climate-controlled (heat and air conditioning) provide excellent four-season operator comfort. Window placement is designed to provide excellent visibility of the work area as well as the track ahead. Finally, joystick controls make workhead movement easy and intuitive.

Category Specification Value
General Weight 18,000 lbs
  Length 20’ 8”
  Width 8’ 6”
  Height 10’ 6”
  Wheel base 9’
  Travel speed 20 mph (maximum)
Capacities Fuel tank 35 gallons
  Hydraulic tank 98 gallons
Engine Make/Model John Deere 4045T, Tier II (Cummins B4.5T available)
  Type Four-cylinder, four-stroke
Hydraulic System Make/Model Vickers PVM98 series
  Type Vickers manifold
Electrical System Battery 24 Vdc (dual 12V DC batteries), 1150 cold-cranking amps
Axle Drive System Drive and propulsion type Four-wheel, two solid axles, hydraulic chain drive
Brakes Type/Style Spring-applied/hydraulically released, four-wheel Cobra-style


NSCA Video
NSCA Video
NSCA Video
NSCA Video

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