Clip Applicator (Nipper Clipper)

Key Features

  • Enclosed dual-operator, climate-controlled cab (camera system to allow single operator to handle both sides)
  • Two workheads, one over each rail; two guns per workhead, four guns total
  • Push button controls Tie nippers with BTI hooks
  • Clip sprayer John Deere Tier III diesel engine 24 VDC, circuit breaker-protected, electrical system
  • Demountable-style axle assemblies with Cobra brake shoes
  • Four-wheel, dual-axle, chain-driven propulsion system
  • Cab-controlled workhead power lock-ups
  • Easy-to-access steel manifolds with Vickers valves
  • Joystick controls
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Clip sprayer for easier clip insertion

The integrated lubrication sprayer assembly lubricates both the clips and the clip holder to ensure that clips slide easily into place.

Adjust to different working conditions

Simply move clips on the guide rods to set the workhead descend level for different rail heights.
Set the workheads to handle different base widths for accurate clip insertion placement.
Just flip a switch to handle either jointed or welded rail.
Make quick setting changes to tilt the workheads to handle canted rail.

High production levels

Use the dual-workhead mode to efficiently operate both the inside and outside workhead guns simultaneously. An in-cab camera and monitor allow a single operator to easily handle both workheads. In addition, the four workhead guns allow installation of eight clips simultaneously.

The integrated nipper functionality increases productivity as well, since it provides a method for handling hanging ties without manual intervention.

Work and travel modes

The ergonomically designed cab provides excellent visibility during both work and travel modes. In addition, a fuel-saving single-axle drive option is available during travel mode.

Optional multi-purpose functionality

Simply add the optional gager to perform rail gaging during the clipping operations. In addition, optional clip removal tools are available, turning the Nipper Clipper into dual-purpose workhorse on your gang.

Category Option Type Description
Additional Functionality Rail accessories Rail manipulator (gager)
  Clip accessories Clip remover
Cold Weather Machine heaters 110-volt hydraulic tank heater, brake de-icing feature, Espar diesel-fired engine heater and hydraulic heater tubes
  Cab heater Espar Airtronic 4, diesel-fired cab heater
Repair & Maintenance Corner-mounted jackstands Holds the unit above the track to allow under-machine repairs
  Pumps Electric top-off pump, electric emergency pump
Other Accessories Gauges and alarms Fuel level site gauge, speedometer, hydraulic reservoir temperature gauge, low hydraulic oil level/high hydraulic oil temperature alarm, turntable warning light and buzzer
  Lighting and mirrors Night lighting packages
  Monitoring Cycle counter
  Miscellaneous “Danger Live Track” retractable belt, DOT reflective tape, extra parts/operations/maintenance manuals, tow bar with D-handle hitch pins, windshield washer fluid tank and nozzles
  Storage Additional book storage box, track tool box


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