Curve Gang Spiker


Key Features

  • Semi-enclosed cab, with seating for one spiker operator and one feed-tray operator
  • Reciprocating hammer spike drivers; Lewis bolt workheads available
  • Remote, electric spike-pattern adjustments
  • Digital, variable roller gager
  • Tie nipper Boom and winch for loading spike kegs; optional bulk loader/Cluster Buster option available
  • Positive locking turntable with steel base
  • John Deere Tier IV diesel engine
  • 24 VDC, circuit breaker-protected, electrical system
  • Cobra brake shoes
  • Four-wheel, dual-axle, chain and sprocket propulsion system
  • Single, pressure-compensated, hydraulic pump
  • Joystick controls
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Ideal for rail changing operations

The digital, variable roller gager allows the CGS - Curve Gang Spiker to set rail gauge distances as well as perform spiking operations. The guide wheels stabilize the rail during gauging and spiking activities. The easy-to-operate, single-sided CGS features fast and powerful spike driving action using a CX Hammer-type workhead.

Compact and lightweight

The CGS is compact and lightweight, making it simple to load and unload. In addition, the machine’s open, modular design makes it easy to maintain.

Quickly adjust to different working conditions

Make simple adjustments - from inside the cab - to adapt the gun spacing for different hole patterns. Or quickly set the proximity switches to adjust the workhead to handle different rail heights. In addition, easily switch between settings for welded or jointed rail.

Bridges? No problem.

The optional bridge rail roller assembly allows the CGS - Curve Gang Spiker to spike tie plates on bridge rails.

Quickly load spikes

Use the attached boom and winch to quickly load spike kegs onto the rear storage rack; the winch handles loads up to 300 lbs. Or, include the optional bulk loader to use bulk spikes.

Category Specification Value
General Weight 11,500 lbs (empty spike bin); 12,300 lbs. (full spike bin)
  Length 16’ 2”
  Width 8’ 4”
  Height 8’ 6”
  Wheel base 10’ 4.75”
  Travel speed 25 mph (maximum)
Capacities Fuel tank 35 gallons
  Hydraulic tank 40 gallons
Engine Make/Model John Deere 4024T, Tier IV
  Type Turbocharged, inline four-cylinder
Hydraulic System Make/Model Vickers PVM057 (24 volt)
  Type Pressure-compensated, variable displacement piston pump
Electrical System Battery 24 Vdc (dual 12V DC batteries), 1150 cold-cranking amps
Axle Drive System Drive type Dual-axle chain drive
  Propulsion motor type Hydraulic
Brakes Type Four-wheel Cobra-style, spring-actuated, hydraulic release


Category Option Type Description
Cab Cab accessories Cab-controlled power locks (workheads, nipper and gager),cab pressurizer, cab window shades, engine-driven air conditioner, spike feeder swivel seat pedestal, engine-driven air conditioner (red dot)
Spike Control Spike accessories Push-style bulk loader, Cluster-Buster/spring-mount option for bulk loader, dust collection system for bulk spike loader, ladder and walkway for bulk loader, steps and grab irons for bulk loader maintenance access, Lewis bolt/Evergrip driving heads (one side)
Repair & Maintenance Corner-mounted jackstands Holds the unit above the track to allow under-machine repairs
  Electric hydraulic tank fill system Allows quick filling of hydraulic tank
  Spare hose tree Stores extra hoses on the machine
  Remote coolant filter loops / Remote fluid drains Allows quick filter/fluid maintenance
  Schroeder KF 30 case drain return filtration Filters oil to remove engine wear-related metal filings
  Electric emergency pump Allows workhead to be moved if engine fails
Other Accessories Gauges and alarms Fuel level site gauge, speedometer, hydraulic reservoir temperature gauge, low hydraulic oil/high hydraulic oil temperature alarm
  Lighting and mirrors Heated outside mirrors, perimeter lighting package
  Storage Additional book storage box, track tool box
  Miscellaneous “Danger Live Track” retractable belt, DOT reflective tape, extra parts/operations/maintenance manuals, rail sweeps, tow bar with D-handle hitch pins, windshield washer fluid tankand nozzles
  Turntable Aluminum replacement for standard steel turntable, turntable warning light and buzzer


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