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Key Features

  • Portable single-channel digital ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Inspection wheel with six transducers
  • Couplant delivery system
  • Rail testing trolley
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Portable and flexible

The completely portable MultiPass rail inspection system performs a full ultrasonic inspection on a single rail. The system features a single-channel digital ultrasonic flaw detector with two fully independent gates for echo monitoring (each with audible and visual alarms).

The system also offers Amplitude variable of 0-100% FSH, bar presentation, and positive triggering for gate 1 and negative triggering for gate 2.

Full range of transducers

The MultiPass rail inspection system includes a full range of inspection transducers, including:

  • One zero crystal for both web coverage and base detection
  • One 45-degree crystal for full rail web coverage
  • Three 70-degree crystals for full head coverage, including field, center, and gauge
  • One side-looking crystal for longitudinal cross-rail coverage

Light and durable

The MultiPass system features an aluminum casing, making it light-weight for transporting and usage, as well as extremely durable.

The testing trolley includes a guide wheel to align test wheel to center of rail, an air cylinder pack to ensure proper contact of test wheel to top of rail, connection cables to all probes, and a gripper handle for single-handed operation. The control box allows for the selection of probes and provides adjustment for transducer balancing.

Handles any gauge size

Since the MultiPass system tests a single rail at a time, it is ideal for use with any gauge size.

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