Trak Inspector

Key Features

  • Lightweight folding aluminum frame
  • 12 volt electrical system (within hi-rail vehicle)
  • Adjustable audio alarms for narrow- and wide-gauge parameters
  • In-cab elevation gage meter and gate error meter; shows readings for both rails simultaneously
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Lightweight and easy to attach to your current vehicle

At less than 80 lbs., the Trak Inspector is light enough to be put into place behind your vehicle without the use of a crane or other lifting device. In addition, the Trak Inspector easily attaches to the bumper of your current hi-rail vehicle without any special tools or modifications.

Monitor both gauge and cross-level elevations

The Trak Inspector checks actual conditions of both gauge and cross-level elevations and identifies any deviations for both areas.

  • Cross-level: detects variations from authorized super-elevation settings and measures the uniformity of cross-level changes in spirals. An elevation gage meter, located inside the cab, shows readings for both rails. The cross-level elevation is readable to plus/minus six inches.

  • Gauge: detects variations from operator-controlled settings. A gage error meter, also located inside the cab, shows readings for both rails. The gauge is readable from 1/2-inch narrower than the established setting to 1 1/2 inch wider than the established setting. An audio alarm alerts the operator when the gauge exceeds these settings.

Accurate up to 20 mph

The Trak Inspector provides accurate gauge and cross-level elevation readings at travel speeds up to 20 mph (tangent track).

Category Specification Value
General Vehicle speed 0-20 mph
  Power requirements 12 Vdc (from inspection vehicle
Indicator box Reading range Gauge: 1/2 inch (narrow) to 1 1/2 inch (wide)
    Elevation: 0-6 inches
  Accuracy Gauge 1/16 inch
    Elevation 1/6 inch


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