Key Features

  • Fully enclosed, climate-controlled, two-operator cab, with tinted safety glass windows
  • Two hydraulic-controlled cutter arms; 8' cutting width per head
  • Total 60' cutting reach, 30' each side of track center; 21' vertical reach (max.) at 21' horizontal extension
  • Quadco 48" saw-blade-style cutting disks; blade-style cutter head available
  • Lever-type hydraulic operator controls for boom and cutter head movements
  • Cummins Tier III diesel engine
  • Electrically controlled gear shifting Integrated hydraulic sliding counterweight/turntable
  • Quick stop option for immediate stops when operating under 5 mph
  • Suspension lock-up option for stiffer suspension during certain work conditions
  • Electrically controlled hydrostatic propulsion
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Stay balanced during single-sided operations

Activate the operator-controlled sliding counterweight to maintain balance during single-sided operations, even on slopes.

Dust and debris stay outside

Stay protected from dust, debris, precipitation, and temperature extremes in the climate-controlled, fully enclosed, pressurized cab.

Terrain changes? Obstructions? No problem.

Tilt, rotate, or pivot the cutter heads to adjust to terrain changes or maneuver around obstacles. Move the boom up and down to adapt to terrain levels or use the boom swing to move the cutting heads to the desired cutting area.

Extend cutting reach to 60 feet

Extend the cutter heads up to 30 feet from the track center - on both sides of the machine - for a total reach of 60 feet (each cutting head has an eight-foot cutting width). Also, extend the cutter heads up to 21 feet vertically (maximum) to trim branches and high brush.

Adjust debris spray for different conditions

Set the cutter head rotation on the optional blade-type cutter head to direct where debris lands - close to the track in populated areas and away from the track in open areas. Cut and mulch at same time Use the saw-blade cutter head to cut easily through dense brush and trees with up to four-inch diameter trunks. Mulching teeth on the cutter head shred the vegetation to reduce debris spray.

Category Specification Value
General Weight 55,800 lbs
  Length 30’ 3”
  Width Booms retracted: 11’ 10”; Both booms extended: 61’
  Height 12’ 5”
  Wheel base 13’ 6”
  Travel speed 35 mph (maximum)
Capacities Fuel tank 120 gallons
  Hydraulic tank 170 gallons with sight gauge
Engine Make/Model Cummins Tier III diesel engine
Hydraulic System Pumps Track drive: Sauer Danfoss 90 series
Workhead cylinders and controls: Sauer Danfoss 45 series
Cutter head motor pumps (2): Permco
  Control valves Husco
  Oil Cooler  Electric fan
Pneumatic System Engine-mounted compressor 13 cfm @ 120 psi
Electrical System Battery 24 Vdc (dual 12V DC batteries), 1150 cold-cranking amps
Axle / Wheels Axle size 5-inch
  Wheel size and type 24-inch diameter, cast steel
Brakes Type Cast iron or sintered shoe


Category Option Type Description
Cutting Heads Blade type Quadro mulching head; blade-type flail cutter heads (two-blade flywheel for low impact cutting and three-blade flywheel for medium impact cutting), Pro Mac three-blade cutter head
Cold Weather Machine heaters Electric heaters for engine and hydraulic tank, diesel-fired engine heater
  Cab heaters Espar cab heater, Espar Airtronic 4 diesel-fired cab heater
  Brakes De-icing feature
Repair & Maintenance Tools Schroeder test mates
  Gauges Hydraulic system pressure gauges, hydraulic tank fluid level gauge, hydraulic temperature gauge in cab, fuel level gauges
  Pumps and alarms Electric top-off pump, low hydraulic level alarm, high hydraulic temperature alarm
Other Accessories Miscellaneous Additional manual storage box, additional manuals, Danger - Live Track signs (chain-mounted), DOT reflective tape
  Lighting Locomotive lights, electrical cabinet light, perimeter lighting with raised lights on engine shroud, dome light in engine compartment
  Fire suppression system Sprays fire control materials (operator controlled)


Cutting a Tree
Cutting a Bush

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