Key Features

  • Fully enclosed, climate-controlled single-operator cab with California mirrors
  • Integrated rail clamps, ballast plows, cribber workheads, and tie pushers
  • Dual monitor system for viewing tie positioning and ballast plowing; split screen displays both sides of machine
  • Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier IV Final diesel engine
  • Engine-mounted compressor pneumatic system
  • Manifolded hydraulic system
  • Dual-axle chain-driven axle drive system
  • 24 Vdc (dual 12V DC batteries) electrical system
  • Joystick controls
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Workhead Compatibility

The Nordco Cribber is available as a single tie bed cribber or as an optional double tie bed cribber; both are equipped with 9” wide cribber tools.

  • The single tie bed cribber is compatible in wood or concrete ties as long as the minimum distance between ties is 10”.
  • The double tie be cribber is capable of creating two cribs during a single cycle and is designed for concrete ties with center to center tie spacing at 24”

Double Tie Bed Cribber Tool Spacing:

               Minimum distance between tools: 15”

               Maximum distance between tools: 34”

               Minimum crib depth: 10” from top of tie

               Maximum crib depth: 16” from top of tie  

Auto cycle and single scrape modes

The Nordco Cribber includes two scrape modes:

  • Auto Cycle mode: includes four scrape levels, performed sequentially. The maximum scrape depth is set by the operator and then the depth of each scrape level is calculated automatically.
  • Single Scrape mode: used, if necessary, after Auto Cycle mode to remove any remaining ballast directly in the crib. This mode goes directly to full depth level.

Cameras for work area visibility

Two monitors allow the operator to see the work area clearly. One monitor shows the tie area, allowing precise positioning of the tie with the tie pushers. The other monitor, with its split screen format, shows the left and right ballast wings, allowing precise shaping of the ballast area.

Powerful and flexible

The Nordco Cribber, powered by a Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier III diesel engine, can track travel up to 23 miles per hour. 

Quickly adjust to different working conditions

Make simple setting changes to handle the following:

  • Welded or jointed rail
  • Cribbing left, right, or in both directions

Operator comfort and ergonomics

The fully enclosed, climate-controlled (heat and air conditioning) provide excellent four-season operator comfort. Window placement is designed to provide excellent visibility of the work area as well as the track ahead. Finally, joystick controls make workhead movement easy and intuitive.

Category Specification Value
General Weight 46,000 lbs
  Length 37’ 8”
  Width 10’ 6” (without workheads extended)
  Working clearance (from center of track with plow extended) 8’ 6”
  Working clearance (from center of track with one cribber extended) 6’ 10”
  Height 11’ 6”
  Wheel Base 25’
  Travel Speed 23 mph (maximum)
Capacities Fuel Tank 120 gallons
  Hydraulic Tank 2 @ 85 gallons
Engine Make/Model Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier III turbocharged six-cylinder, 190 HP @ 2350 rpm
Hydraulic System Pumps Oil Gear PVG
  Control Valves Piston Pump
Electrical System Battery 24 Vdc (dual 12 Vdc batteries),  1150 cold-cranking amps
Drive System Drive Type Dual-axle chain drive
  Axle Type Hydraulic
Brakes Type/Style Pneumatically applied, four-wheel Cobra style


Category Option Type Description
Repair & Maintenance    
  Remote fluid drains Allows quick fluid maintenance
Other Accessories Gauges and alarms Fuel level site gauge, hydraulic reservoir temperature gauge, low hydraulic oil level/high hydraulic oil temperature alarm
  Lighting Amber strobe light, perimeter lighting package
  Storage Additional book storage box, operator belongings box, track tool box
  Miscellaneous DOT reflective tape, extra parts/operations/maintenance manuals, rail sweeps, tow bar with D-handle hitch pins, additional book storage box


To view our parts manuals by machine type and serial number, please visit our parts manual library.

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