Tie Plugger


Key Features

  • Dual-operator cab, with canopy roof
  • Dual plugging guns, supported by a jib mechanism
  • Brush-blower-heater (BBH) option available; CPRM manifold for selecting between wood or concrete tie applications
  • Crawler tracks for operation when one rail is out (optional Integrated guide rollers for stability during crawler use (optional)
  • John Deere four-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine
  • 24 VDC, circuit breaker-protected, electrical system
  • Four-wheel, dual-axle, chain-driven propulsion system
  • Spring-applied, air-released brakes, with Cobra brake shoes
  • Single, pressure-compensated hydraulic pump
  • Cab-controlled power lockups
  • Integrated, positive locking, rail-to-rail turntable
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Work even in extreme weather conditions

Operator-controlled temperature settings maintain ideal plugging compound temperatures to accommodate variable weather conditions and/or changes in the surface temperatures of the ties.

Crawlers allow plugging operations during rail replacement

The optional crawler propulsion system allows tie plugging operations on one rail even when the other rail is removed during rail replacement activities. Guide rollers on the opposite side stabilize the equipment during crawler usage, ensuring that the machine does not derail. In addition, the crawler speed and height are fully adjustable.

High capacity and high quality materials

The NETP can hold 400 gallons of the SpikeFast non-foam, polyurethane plugging compound. SpikeFast - a leading spike hole filler in the rail industry - has shown in performance tests commissioned by national railroads that it outperforms wood plugs and urethane foams in both lateral resistance and pullout resistance. Not only is SpikeFast easy to adz, but holes are ready for re-spiking within 10 minutes.

Nordco’s precision measuring and mixing system for the resin and ISO chemical compounds in SpikeFast ensure the strongest possible plugging material.

Brush-blower-heater option for concrete ties

The optional brush-blower-heater (BBH) features a wire brush cleaner and heater that provides an ideal surface for laying glue and pads on concrete ties. The CPRM manifold allows for easy switching between wood and concrete tie applications.

Category Specification Value
General Weight - without crawlers 12,500 lbs (tanks empty); 18,000 lbs (tanks full)
  Weight - with crawlers 21,500 lbs (tanks empty); 27,000 lbs (tanks full)
  Length 19’ 6”
  Width 8’ 6”
  Height 10’ 6”
  Wheel base 10’ 2”
  Travel/work speeds 25 mph maximum (rail - travel mode); 6 mph (rail - work mode); 4 mph (crawler - travel mode)
Capacities Fuel tank 35 gallons
  Hydraulic tank 60 gallons
Engine Make/Model John Deere 4045D
  Type Naturally aspirated, four-cylinder inline
Hydraulic System Make/Model Vickers PVM98 series
  Type Vickers manifold
Electrical System Battery 24 Vdc (dual 12V DC batteries), 1150 cold-cranking amps
Axle Drive System Drive type Dual-axle drives
  Propulsion type Hydraulic chain drives
Brakes Type Spring-applied/air released
  Style Four-wheel Cobra-style
Pulling Weights Rated draw bar pull on rail 1,000 lbs


Category Option Type Description
Cab Cab accessories Cab curtains
Repair & Maintenance Corner-mounted jackstands Holds the unit above the track to allow under-machine repairs
  Electric hydraulic tank fill system Allows quick filling of hydraulic tank
  Spare hose tree Stores extra hoses on the machine
  Electric emergency pump Allows workhead to be moved if engine fails
Other Accessories Gauges and alarms Fuel level site gauge, speedometer, hydraulic reservoir temperature gauge, low hydraulic oil/high hydraulic oil temperature alarm
  Lighting and mirrors Night lighting package
  Storage Track tool box
  Miscellaneous “Danger Live Track” retractable belt, DOT reflective tape, extra parts/operations/maintenance manuals, tow bar with D-handle hitch pins


NETP Video
NETP with BBH Option
NETP with BBH Option
NETP with BBH Option
NETP with BBH Option
NETP Tie Plugger

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