Why Nordco?

Selecting the right company to work for is one of the most important decisions in your life.


We get that. When you work for a company that values your skills and gives you interesting projects to work on, you enjoy coming to work. And when you enjoy coming to work, you do the best job possible for our customers.

So, why Nordco?

First, we support one of the leading industries in our nation, as well as many other nations - the railroad industry. Many of our employees often mention that they get a secret thrill when they see a train whizzing by, knowing that they had a hand in keeping that train safe. Trains are the backbone of the transportation infrastructure and we are a huge part in keeping that infrastructure working.




Second, we work intimately with our customers to develop the best products possible. We walk the gangs with railroad staff, learning exactly how operators use equipment. We grab wrenches and work side-by-side with mechanics to understand how we can make machines easier to maintain. We talk to our customers for as long as it takes in order to develop parts packages that meet their needs. Every day, virtually all of us have direct contact with our customers, which means we learn constantly why what we do is important to them - pretty potent stuff.


Third, we embrace our communities. In our industry, we are involved in everything from rail safety committees to rail engineering student chapter sponsorships, In our cities and towns, we support science fairs, hunger programs, baseball teams, and community centers. In our workplaces, we provide pizza days, golf outings, holiday parties, cookouts, sports events, and competitions (pie throwing, anyone?) to make sure we continue to enjoy each other's company.

Come join us. We think you'll like it here.