Production/Switch Tamper

Remanufactured Mark IV

Key Features

  • Remanufactured from the frame up using new components, restoring it to like-new condition
  • 90 Day turn around to remanufacture your machine
  • Frame re-qualification process insures longevity of weldments
  • All wiring and hydraulic hoses are replaced with new material
  • Tremendous value at 2/3 the cost of new
  • 6 month warranty
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Like new. Only Better.

Nordco doesn’t just patch up imperfections. We give new life to your old machine. Our frame requalification process gives you a stronger, more robust tamper. The cab is completely refurbished to current edition standards. At 2/3 of the cost of a new machine, it doesn’t get any better than Nordco.

Advanced System V control system

The Mark IV incorporates the advanced System V control system, with operator-controlled automatic ramping, superelevation, reference zeroing, and continuous cross-level monitoring. 

Category Specification Value
General Weight 60,500 lbs
  Length 39’ 9” - base machine; 49’ 6” - with projector buggy stored; 110’ - working length
  Width 10’ 6” - in travel mode; 13’ 3” - in working mode
  Height 10’ 6” - shipping height (top of shadowboard); 12’ 5” - travel height
  Wheel base 28’ 6”
  Maximum speed 30 miles per hour
Capacities Fuel tank 185 gallons
  Hydraulic tank 185 gallons
Engine Make/Model Cummins 6CTA 8.3L turbo-charged diesel, 240 HP @2200 rmp 
Drive Train Type Two-speed gearbox driven by a proportionally controlled variable displacement drive motor - provides four-wheel drive with automatic speed control
Brakes Type Air-operated tread-type shoe brakes with Cobra-type shoes on all four wheels


  • Installation of new 24VDC Line Laser System with Batteries and Charger
  • Installation of high pressure filter system
  • Installation of dual reference lining system
  • Engine Bay Handrails and Stairs
  • Upgrade to High Intensity LED Work and Travel Lights
  • Installation of Tier IV Interm Engine Skid
  • 6' Tow Bar w/D Handle Hitch Pins
  • Stauff Test Point for Engine Oil Sampling
  • Remote Coolant Filter Loop
  • Hydraulic Fill Pump W/Stainless Tube
  • Schroeder Hydraulic Test Mates
  • Electric Emergency Pump
  • Hydrex XV Hydraulic Oil
  • 12V, 20 amp MOW Radio Circuit
  • Dedicated Cab Fan(s) for Operator
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Temperature Gauge in Cab
  • DOT Reflective Tape
  • Perimeter Lighting Package
  • "Danger Live Track" Signs at Entry/Exit Points Retractable Belt Style
  • Installation of Customer Supplied Decals
  • Security Tool Box
  • Additional Book Storage Box 12" X 13" X 4"
  • Remote Fluid Drains - Color Coded
  • Extra Parts/Operation/Maintenance Manuals 6 extra @ 85 each
  • Track Tool Box 8" X 8" X 68"
  • Low Hydraulic Oil - High Hydraulic Oil Temp Alarm
  • Cab Window Shades on Side Rear and Back Upper Windows Only
Mark IV Video 1
Mark IV Video 2
Mark IV Video 3
Mark IV Video 4