Production/Switch Tamper

Remanufactured 6700

Key Features

  • Remanufactured from the frame up using new components, restoring it to like-new condition
  • Frame re-qualification process ensures longevity of weldments
  • Cummins factory remanufactured engine
  • All electrical and hydraulic components are replaced with new material
  • Tremendous value at 2/3 the cost of new
  • 6 Month warranty
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Like new. Only better.

Nordco doesn’t just patch up imperfections. We give new life to your worn out machine. Our sophisticated frame requalification gives you a stronger, more robust tamper with a modernized cab with better crossing visibility. Proprietary designs and a little extra attention to detail offer improved safety features and simplified Workhead replacement, and all electrical and hydraulic components are completely replaced with new material. At 2/3 of the cost of a new machine, it doesn’t get any better than Nordco.

Superior switch performance

The 6700 produces superior performance in switch or turnout surfacing through the use of a Jackbeam that automatically clamps either the base or ball of the rail. We offer an optional extended Jackbeam with hooks that extend an additional 2-1/2" for use in long turnouts. 

Nordco remanufactured Workheads and Jackbeams

Every remanufactured 6700 includes Workhead and Jackbeam assemblies that are remanufactured using all new parts. Workheads are completely rejuvinated with all new cylinders, guide rods and bushings. Workhead Mounts are completely replaced with proprietary Nordco designs to allow for complete Workhead dismount within minutes.

Category Specification Value
General Weight 70,000 lbs
  Length 43’ 6” - without light buggy
  Width 10’ 6” - in travel mode
  Height 11’ 9”
  Wheel base 30’
  Travel speed and gradability 6.5% grade @ 5 miles (8 km) per hour
3% grade @ 10 miles (16 km) per hour
1% grade @ 35 miles (56 km) per hour
  Maximum speed 45 miles per hour
Performance Rate Up to 22 ties/minute per hour/single insertion
  Maximum Superelevation 6”
  Maximum Lining Offset 6”
Capacities Fuel tank 170 gallons
  Hydraulic tank 170 gallons
Engine Make/Model Cummins 6CTA8.3L
  Type 8.3 liter, 250 HP @2200 RPM, four-cycle
Axle Drive System Type Outboard 6 x 11” Timken bearings, railroad axles
Brakes Type Hydro-dynamic, 4-wheel fail-safe air brakes


  • Laser Lining System
  • Folding Light Buggy Tongues
  • Tier 4 Engine