RoadReady™ Ballast Regulator


Key Features

  • RoadMode requires no transportation permits
  • Deploys quickly at any road crossing with a clear 30’ turning radius 
  • No crane necessary to set on rail
  • Simplified maintenance on production equipment
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards for productivity
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The Revolutionary Road-to-Rail Ballast Regulator

The RBR-1000 offers the greatest mobility in the industry. It attaches to an over-the-road tractor truck for transport between work locations. All components lift and fit within the frame to meet height and width requirements for permit-free traveling.

  • Designed to move over the highway as a Class 8 vehicle with a tractor weight of up to 18,000 lbs
  • Legal load — no special permits required in all lower 48 states
  • Industry-proven axles

Get off the road. Get to work.

The RBR-1000 transitions easily from RoadMode and RailMode, minimizing time between transportation and production. 

  • Integrated turntable allows deployment at most standard road crossings either parallel or perpendicular to the track
  • 35 mph travel speed on rail
  • Same production capability as any railbound ballast regulator

Simpler maintenance

The RBR-1000 was designed with maintenance in mind. 

  • The wear-plates are easily replaceable using simple hand tools
  • Nexxus Control System offers simplified electronics and ease of troubleshooting
Category Specification Value
General Weight 58,500 lbs
  Length 57' 5" (broom down)
  Width 8'
  Height 13 '3"
  Wheel Base 20’ 2"
  Wheel Diameter 28"
  Travel Speed 35 mph maximum
Capacities Fuel Tank 120 gallons
  Hydraulic Tank 130 gallons
  Oil Cooler Yes
Engine Make/Model Tier IV Interim
  Transmission 2 speed
  Propulsion Hydrostatic
Hydraulic System Pumps Hydrostat and piston
  Control Valves Piston Pump
Electrical System Battery 24 Vdc (dual 12 Vdc batteries),  1150 cold-cranking amps
Brakes Type/Style Dual Cobra/Hydrostatic
Controls Electronics Nexxus Control System
Ballast Wing Reach 14' 7"
    Reversible plow
    Reversible broom