Key Features

  • Inspection carriage with two patented XL9-11 wheel probes, 32-channel digital signal processing, and on-board Run-on-Run software
  • Couplant delivery system, including water tanks and supply hoses
  • Computer with real-time data collection, including all necessary electronics and cables for operations
  • Electric winch for raising and lowering inspection carriage
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We are compatible with all DOT 49 CFR Part 213 rules.

Wheel probe and tracer wheel technology

The Flex rail inspection system uses Nordco's exclusive, XL9-11 wheel probe technology designed specifically to perform ultrasound testing on rail, including eleven inspection transducers:

  • One zero-degree crystal for both web coverage and base detection
  • One 45-degree forward-facing crystal and one 45-degree rear-facing crystal for full rail web coverage
  • Three 70-degree forward-facing crystals (field, center, and gage) and three 70-degree rear-facing crystals, (field, center, and gage) for full head coverage
  • One side-looking field crystal and one side-looking gage crystal for longitudinal cross-rail coverage

The optional tracer wheel locates gage corner fractures that are not detectable by conventional methods, locating an average of 30% more defects.

Recordable test results

Test results are fully recordable, meaning you can store, evaluate, and compare results at a later time. Nordco can create reports for uptime, movement, defect details, and more.

Pattern recognition and defect analysis

The Flex system is fully automated and digital, incorporating the following key features:

  • Pattern recognition defect classification - incorporates artificial intelligence to recognize common rail conditions, as well as recognize and classify defects. It is an adaptive learning system that adds new defects to the library as they are analyzed, allowing the system to recognize new defects automatically.

  • On-board Run-on-Run - a comparative analytical tool that compares prior test results to current test results for the same portion of the rail. The system alerts the operator of a match to a prior indication and allows for real-time comparison and the opportunity to identify any changes in the rail's health.

Small footprint, multiple gauge sizes

While the Flex system is normally configured for standard gauge track, it can be customized to handle any gauge size. Easily maneuverable due to its smaller footprint, the system is ideal for yard tracks, sidings, and turnouts, as well as accommodating clearance envelope constraints.

Switch easily between inspection and travel modes

The Flex inspection carriage can be quickly raised or lowered - in under a minute - to handle both inspection or travel modes.

Digital signal processing

The Flex system also features 32-channel digital signal processing, allowing real-time sequential data processing, improved signal-to-noise ratios, and higher testing speeds with fewer false positive test results.

Minimum Requirements

The Flex Rail Flaw Inspection System requires the following minimum capabilities for the hi-rail equipped host vehicle:

  • Ford F350 Crew Cab Utility Body equivalent or better
  • 2500-3000 lbs. payload
  • Pickup bed
  • 12-volt power port access

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